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Have you recently been injured in an automobile accident or do you know someone who has?

Automobile accidents by their very nature are stressful. It’s understandable that you might not know what you should do. First, consider that it is your well-being, recovery, and future health that is the top priority. Second, you might miraculously walk away from an auto accident and feel fine, however, it’s unwise to make that assumption without first seeking a medical opinion. Third, you might be surprised when you learn that most General Practitioners don’t see patients with auto accident related injuries. Comprehensive Health Florida is a single place where you can be diagnosed and treated. We care to listen and attend to your immediate concerns related to auto accident injuries and will use our holistic and integrative approach to meeting them. Below are a few steps you can take that will help lessen the stress and pain from an auto accident.

Three key points to remember when you’re in an auto accident in Florida:

1 .For PIP Insurance to be effective and cover your medical bills you must receive medical treatment within 14 days of the incident. For example, if you begin to exhibit pain a month after your accident and have not sought medical care within 14 days then it will not be covered by PIP.

2. Schedule a medical appointment asap. A comprehensive multidisciplinary practice like Comprehensive Health Florida enables you to to receive all your health care needs, from diagnosis to treatment, at one location.

3. Consider seeking legal council. You might want an attorney to handle all your legal dealings and proceedings, such as talking with insurance companies, etc.

Check out your PIP benefits and laws at Florida Office of Insurance Regulation website, and consider contacting Comprehensive Health Florida for a medical evaluation.

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